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Clifton Film Fest 2017

July 22nd



• Shorts should be 1-10 minutes in duration (NO LONGER). Remember shorter films sometimes have more impact!

• We accept all genres (Narratives, Documentaries, Music Videos, Animations, and Experimental films etc.)

• Your film can be anything original. You have complete creative freedom.

• Your film should be appropriate for the age group you are submitting.  If we do not find your film appropriate we have the right to refuse to play it without refund.  So please Please use your best judgment or contact use prior if unsure. If your film has questionable subject matter and you are under 18 we will have to contact your parent/guardian.

• Please use all original material unless you can get the correct permission.

• Films must be high quality, either 720 or 1080 resolution.





• How many videos can you submit?

You May submit as many entries as you like, but will have to pay the registration fee for each.


• What are the prizes?

The prizes vary depending on the year. Last year we gave away a 1-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud that includes over 10 different Applications to help you be creative in Video, Audio, Web and Graphic Design. We have also given away Final Draft, Memberships, Pond.5 gift cards, and Magic Bullet software. Stay tuned for this years prizes.


• Are animations aloud?

Yes we accept almost anything as long as it is between :30 - 10 minutes and is appropriate for the large community audience.


• What files do you accept?

Yes we only accept 720p or 1080p films that are .mov or .m4 movie files. If you submit a standard definition film we will request a higher quality file. Please submit on FilmFreeway. We no longer accept DVDs.


• What is considered copyright material?

Copyright is a law that protects yours and other peoples creative work. If you use music or a clip that wasn't created by you please make sure you get permission from the person that did create it. You can learn more about copyright at or


• What is the judging criteria?

We are looking for a well-developed engaging story, good quality creative shots, audio that is clear and uninterrupted, and a final product that is well edited with no jump cuts.


• Should I make a script?

Yes! It will really help organize your production as well as post-production. A shot list of every shot that you will need to get, is also very helpful for the entire film making process.